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Employment Application Form

Please print, fill out, and turn in the application below.


Hi-Strength Bolt Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate against qualified applicants based upon any protected group status, including but not limited to race, color, creed, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, military or veteran status, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability or medical condition as defined by applicable equal opportunity laws.


We are glad you are interested in joining Hi-Strength Bolt Company’s team. Please read the following statements carefully before you agree and submit this application.

Hi-Strength Bolt Company, in considering your application for employment, may verify the information set forth on this application and obtain additional information related to your background.

Hi-Strength Bolt Company offers reasonable accommodations in the hiring and employment process for individuals with disabilities. If you need assistance in the application or hiring process to accommodate a disability, you may request an accommodation at any time.


This application will be considered active for 60 days. If you have not been hired within 60 days of submitting this application and you wish to be considered for employment, you must complete a new application.


Candidate’s Name: __________________________________________________

(Last            First            Middle)

Address: ___________________________________________________________

(Street, City, State, Zip)
Home Telephone Number: ________________________________________________________

Mobile Phone Number: __________________________________________________________

E-mail Address (optional): ________________________________________________________________

Are you 18 years old or older? Yes   No

Are you legally authorized to work in the U.S.? Yes   No

If hired, can you submit documentation verifying your identity and your legal right to work in the U.S. within 3 business days of when you begin work for pay? Yes   No

Have you ever worked or attended school under another name? Yes   No

If so, under what name? __________________________________________________________________

If offered the position, would you be willing to allow Hi-Strength Bolt Company to do a criminal background check? Yes   No

If offered the position, would you be willing to take a drug test as a condition of employment?
Yes   No


Position Sought: ______________________________________________________________________

Available Start Date: ______________________________________________________________________

Do you prefer: Full-time   Part-time

Days/hours available:

Monday From To
Tuesday From To
Wednesday From To
Thursday From To
Friday From To
Saturday From To
Sunday From To

Total hours per week desired:______________

Are you available to work:

Weekends* Yes   No

Holidays* Yes   No

Nights* Yes   No

*If required for the position for which you’re applying.

Are you available to work overtime? Yes   No


Name and Location Graduated? Degree? Major/Subject of Study
High School

Yes No



Technical School

Yes No



College or University

Yes No




Yes No



Other Education

Yes No



Do you have any Licenses, Certifications or other credentials from any governmental agency to work in the position for which you have applied?

Yes   No

If Yes, please list all such credentials you possess:




Have you served in the US military? Yes   No

If Yes, please describe any relevant skills acquired while serving in the US military.




Please list all previous employment, beginning with the most recent. If you need more room, you may attach additional sheets of paper.
Employer: Address:
From to Position Held: Reason for leaving:
Supervisor’s Name & Title:

May we contact?


Yes No

Description of Duties:
Starting Pay: Final Pay:
Employer: Address:
From to Position Held: Reason for leaving:
Supervisor’s Name & Title:

May we contact?


Yes No

Description of Duties:
Starting Pay: Final Pay:

Have you previously worked for Hi-Strength Bolt Company? Yes   No

If so, from ________________ to ________________.

Reason(s) for leaving: ______________________________________________________________________

How did you learn about this opening? ______________________________________________________________________

If you have any additional documents to support your application, including but not limited to a Resume, you may attach those documents to this application.

Acknowledgment and Authorization

I certify that the information contained in this application is true and complete. I attest to the fact that the answers given by me are correct to the best of my knowledge and ability. I certify that I have not knowingly withheld any information that might affect my chances for hiring. I understand that any false information or omission (including any misstatement) on this application or on any document used to secure this employment can be grounds for rejection of my application or, if I am employed by Hi-Strength Bolt Company, can be grounds for my immediate termination from Hi-Strength Bolt Company.

I authorize Hi-Strength Bolt Company to check and verify any and all information listed above, including but not limited to my references, record of employment, education record, and any other information I have provided. Unless otherwise noted, I authorize the references I have listed to disclose any information related to my work record and my professional experiences with them, without giving me prior notice of such disclosure. I release the company, my former employers and all other persons and entities, from any and all claims, demands or liabilities arising out of or in any way related to such examination or revelation.

I understand that this application is not a contract, offer or promise of employment and that if hired, I will be an at-will employee. As such, I will be able to resign at any time for any reason. Likewise, Hi-Strength Bolt Company can terminate my employment at any time with or without cause, unless otherwise required by law. I further understand that no one other than Hi-Strength Bolt Company has the authority to enter into an employment contract or agreement with me and that my at-will employment can be changed only by a written agreement.

_____________________________________________________________ ___________

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